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Which thickness panel can used for internal and external wall partition?

For interiors – 50mm-75mm sandwich panel can be as internal partition.
For exteriors – 75mm-120mm panel can be used for exterior walls.
Sandwich panels are used as internal and external partition in warehouses, commercial buildings, showrooms, restaurants, schools, theaters, shopping malls, Residential buildings used almost anywhere.
Residential and commercial buildings constructed using prefab building systems are strong, fast, and highly energy efficient. They can be built in less time than traditional stick- frame construction with more sustainable materials and very little construction site waste.
The 4.5mm thick calcium silicate used in both side of the Panel can resist 1000C fire for 4 hour
Nepal Eco Panel is purely environment friendly building material which helps to construct 4 times faster than traditional building material, decrease the dead load due to light wight building material which decrease the structure cost which leads to decrease the total building cost by 30% than then traditional building method.Nepal Eco panel have high heat and sound insulation due to which the acoustic value of the house will be increased. Normally traditional building takes 6-1 month time for the construction comparing this time value prefab building can be built within 1 month of short span which saves consumers time can be utilized in productive secor.