KATHMANDU – While Mt. Everest witnessed photos and logos of various individuals and organizations at its peak, Nepal Eco Panel has also marked its presence by flagging its logo at the highest point of the earth. Everest climber Pasang Kaji Sherpa was the one who himself carried the logo of the Nepal Eco Panel.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nepal Eco Panel, Er. Krishna Bhakta Duwal, said that Sherpa had flagged the logo of Nepal Eco Panel to Everest in order to spread the message of green revolution in construction technology. CEO Duwal said the work was done to convey the message of using environment friendly building materials around the world. Nepal Eco Panel is an environment friendly construction material.

Nepal Eco Panel is manufactured without degrading the environment . It does not use any fossil fuels during the production process . It only uses clean energy during its manufacturing process and also it is energy efficient technology. According to many researches, it has been found equally suitable for the all geographical area (Mountains, Hills and the Terai) due to its good thermal insulation property.

Nepal Eco Panel remarkably reduces energy consumed at households for spacing heating during the cold season and space cooling during the hot season.