Generally, industrialists focus on profit for the purpose of establishing their industry, but one industry in Bhaktapur has moved forward with the goal of developing as a research center along with profit. Eco Panel Nepal, located at Changu Narayan Municipality ward no-2,Jhaukhel, Bhaktapur, has informed that it has moved ahead with a plan to develop the research center to allow students and other reserarchers to do research on the subject.

With the industry not fully operational, the industry has begun to provide space for research. Three students of Kathmandu University are currently doing internship in the industry. Three students studying final year in the bachelor of Chemical Science and Engineering at the university, Rasharal Dhwaju, Rojish Prajapati and Urgen Tamang, are doing internship for two months. They are doing internship there according to their credit course under the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering of the university.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eco Panel Nepal, Engineer Krishna Bhakta
Duwal, said that the students have been given space with a plan to develop his industry as a research center. Duwal, who is cureently pursuing PhD in Resources and Environmental Engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology in China, said he started with a plan to develop the industry as a research center because of the importance of research. “Research has to find problems and their appropriate solutions and it is useful for the whole world,” Duwal told. Urgen Tamang, one of the students doing internship in the industry, said that the opportunity to learn has been widened by having direct study and research in the industry according to the course curriculum of their study. He said that it would be beneficial for all as it would not only broaden their knowledge acquisition but also use the knowledge they have acquired for the benefit of the country and society.
Dr. Rajendra Joshi, Head and Associate Professor, Kathmandu University School of Engineering, Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Dhulikhel, Kavrapalanchok, said that students are sent for internships in various industry corporations from time to time to broaden their knowledge acquisition. He believed that it would not only benefit the students but also the entire country indirectly.
Eco Panel Nepal’s Eco Panel is a new energy saving and environment friendly building material used as interior and exterior partition walls. It is the largest investment eco panel company in Nepal so far. The industry is spread over an area
of 10 ropanis of Jhaukhel in the district.
The eco panel is lightweight and earthquake resistant. It is also a sound resistant, fire controller. Therefore, the demand for eco-panels is increasing across the country today.
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